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photo follows cartoon, not the other way around

 Psion S5


Ulrich, programming, as seen and by courtesy of  ... more of Tom's great cartoons
(Do a mouse-over or click. New picture imitates cartoon.)





Solver for Sheet

 ROT13 encryption

Morse tutor

DMMtr5 Data Logger


Marsland game

Fractal trees, fern ...




Typo corrector

3a/3c/3mx software


Sync Mirror (HW)

S25 phone opened

S5 Power Consumption

Telegraphy primer

Selfmade Software

All of this is FREEWARE or a variety thereof. Send me an email if you like the programs or send me your improvements.

Read the disclaimer before downloading. Please do not distribute altered versions of this software.

  • Cycloids
    Cycloids are interesting geometric figures.
    General info on cycloids (German: Zykloide) can easily be found on Wikipedia in German and in English:
    "A cycloid is the curve defined by the path of a point on the edge of circular wheel as the wheel rolls along a straight line. 
    If we further allow the line on which the circle rolls to be an arbitrary circle then we get the epicycloid (circle rolling on outside of another circle)."
    The picture to the left is such an epicycloid.
    This simple little program can draw a whole lot of them on your Psion.

  • Solver for Sheet
    Solver is a macro for Psion / EPOC ER5 machines to execute a simple solver function as well as a search for minima or maxima of a given function for the built in Sheet application. It runs a little slow, but still much better than doing a trial and error method by hand. Keywords: Solver, inverse function, "was wäre wenn".
    USE: In Sheet, you may have programmed a complicated function. One cell (called 'target cell') shows the result of the calculation. Another cell ('cell to be altered') is the variable that influences the target cell.
    1) Search value mode (Solver mode): The macro determines for you, which value in the cell to be altered is necessary to get a certain value (target value) in the target cell.
    2) Search Minimum/Maximum mode: The macro determines for you if your function has a minimum/maximum value in a given from ... to area. The function is examined in a defineable number of steps, if a minimum/maximum exists there.
    Download Solver.zip  (Version 1.2 with source code)   Downloads: [off] (since 21.10.2006)  

  • ROT13 and other simple encryption methods
    ROT13 Macro ScreenFor a family fun project I wrote a small macro that encodes any marked text in an application into the backward (=drawkcab) character sequence. By chance I heard of  ROT13, so I quickly added this as well as ROT5 (for numbers) to the code. Anyone who is interested may use it - but don't encode any secrets with it - if you really have to, use at least double ROT13 (: for added security :)
    Wikipedia tells us: ROT13 ("ROTate by 13 places", sometimes hyphenated ROT-13, or lowercase rot13) is a simple Caesar cipher used for obscuring text by replacing each letter with the letter thirteen places down the alphabet. A becomes N, B becomes O and so on. The algorithm is used in online forums as a means of hiding joke punchlines, puzzle solutions ... from the casual glance. ROT13 has been described as the "Usenet equivalent of a magazine printing the answer to a quiz upside down".
    HardlyCrypt - Text Twirler (reading scrambled words) - Textzwirbler
    Scine the cpoy-and-psate  faweromrk araeldy exseitd, it was esay to add in vserion 1.1 the HadrylpCyrt  metohd: the leettrs of eervy text wrod are miglend, olny the 1st and lsat ltteer keep thier psiotoin. Oblvsiouy you can raed it wlel! Wrkos wtih all lgeanagus that are srtppoeud by the EOPC ctchaerar set. (This text is coded with this macro, selection HardlyCrypt)
    Download ROT13.zip  (Version 1.1 with source code)   Downloads: [off] (since 11.2.2006)  

  • MorseIt - a Morse Tutor
    This Macro helps you learn to morse.
    By Owen Morgan and Ulrich Hornstein.
     old Morse key
     If you want to learn morse, read The Art and Skill of RADIO TELEGRAPHY (below on this page).
  • DMMtr5 - a mobile datalogger
    Electrical Measurements with a Digital MutiMeter and a Psion 5 (5mx, MX-pro, MC218).
    You can measure voltage, current, resistance, frequency, temperature over time - more or less anything for which electrically readable sensors are available.
    sample measurement - solar cell output
  • IndentOPL: Automatic indentation of OPL programs and macros
    Version V1.58 from 18. Sept. 2006!
    Automatisches Formatieren von OPL-Programmen und Makros
  • Marsland5
    An adaptation of the moonlanding concept to the Psion 5 / EPOC ER5. 
    Written by P.M.W. Navé for PSION 3c; June 1998.
    Ported to Psion 5 / EPOC ER5, with help file, sis file, icon and some amendments in Oct 2003 by Ulrich Hornstein
    Screenshot Marsland5 
    Download Marsland5.zip   Downloads: [off] (since 28.04.2005)  
  • Monster5
     MONSTER5 is a demo program of various recursive algorithms for generating self-similar objects. You can select between Recursive Trees, Snowflake, Dragons, Frond of Fern, the Tower of Hanoi and Langton's Ant. Pertinent Keywords are: Fractal, Chaos, Self-similarity. The package is delivered with the OPL code and a mbm graphic, so that you can experiment with it. You are encouraged to alter the fractal values in the opl code.
    Programmed by P. M. W. Navé, ported to ER5 by myself.  
    V1.0    30.03.05
    V1.01  4.08.2006  Langton's Ant.
    Works for Psion 5mx, Revo, Netbook, MC218 etc.
  • fern from Monster5

    recursive tree from Monster5

    Langton's Ant (4)

    Examples from Monster5:      Frond of Fern

    recursive tree
    view natural plants

    Langton's Ant (4)

    Download Monster5.zip   Downloads: [off] (since 30.03.05) 


  • GPScalcNew
    Macro for Psion Route or Citymaps with a working GPS connection.
    If you are lost or if you have left the preplanned route, call this macro.
    It will calculate a new route from the current position to the already stored destination using all 'via' entries that you may have made before.
    To stay safe in the traffic, call it from an easy to reach hotkey (I use the silken key 'Menu'). Even better is to use it only while NOT driving.
    New Version 1.3 from 24.11.2005 handles German AND English machines.
    Download GPScalcNew.zip   Downloads: [off] (since 15.09.04) 
  •  GPSmap2drive
    Macro for Psion Route with a working GPS connection.
    There: set map orientation to: "drive upwards" or similar.
    Einstellungen-Allgemein-Kartenausrichtung: Nach oben fahren.
    GPSmap2drive keeps the car-mark in the lower third of the Psion 5mx screen. What is it good for?
    In Route.app and Citymaps, the car mark is often positioned just below the upper screen. Then you cannot see the roads ahead of you.With this macro you can.
    All keypresses for Route still work.
    IMPORTANT: to quit the macro, you must call it again, then press 'q'. This unelegant 'feature' I would like to change. Any help welcome.
    Should work for Citymaps as well, but it is not as necessary since the car mark moves quite fast.
    Download GPSmap2drive.zip   Downloads: [off] (since 15.09.04)  
  •  Typo
    The Macro 'Typo' changes position of 2 letters that are in wrong order due to fast typing.
    Set the cursor between the 2 letters (or mark the second letter), then call the Macro.
    Makes from childp|slay  ---->  childsplay
    No big deal, but used often by bad typists.
    Download typo.zip   Downloads: [off] (since 15.09.04)   
  •  Many thanks to Pascal Nicholas for his great Macro5!

Software for Psion 3a/3c/3mx computers

Fine programs for Psion 3a/3c/3mx computers (EPOC16) from Peter Navé


  • Psioncloth for dust protection 
    Psion, uncovered; mouse-over or click to cover with Psioncloth
             (mouse-over or click to cover)
    Like many other Psion owners, I have acquired some spare machines for the day when my everyday machine gives up the ghost. I've found that the spare machines are of no use when waiting in a drawer for day X. So I went and put it next to my stationary telephone in the hall, where it serves well as phone directory, local calendar etc. It is synchronized with the main machine via EPOCsync (see below).
    Well, sitting in the open, dust becomes a problem - but opening and closing the machine for every lookup is not the thing to do: every Psion owner must have heard of the wear out problem of the display cable. So, to prevent it from dust, a friend of mine has made this very nice Psioncloth from silk and some embroidery. It shines in different colors depending on the light conditions - a beautiful piece of art. If anyone is interested in such a thing of any size and any design, feel free to send me a mail - I'll forward it to her. She does textile wall pictures and other stuff, too.
  • Selfmade mirror for easy Synchronisation of two EPOC machines
  • EPOCsync is a great program for synchronising specified folders and files between two EPOC machines. All you have to do is to align the infrared eyes of both machines. My spare machine acts as a stationary phonebook and sits with its back to a wall - no access to the infrared eye in this position.
    So I went and built a small mirror from an old AOL CD. Probably the best use I have got from it. Just use your fretsaw (or whatever you have), cut out two pieces and apply some hot glue to join them together. From now on: very simple weekly syncing without having to move the secondary machine.

    mirror from a CD - construction
    Syncing mirror from a CD - construction ... 

    mirror from a CD - "view" from the infrared eye of the primary machine
    ... and  "view" from the infrared eye of the primary machine 

  • How to open a SIEMENS S25 mobile phone
    The SIEMENS S25  was a companion of my Psion S5/MC218 for a long time. Here are some uncommented pictures on details of the inner mechanics for eventual repairs. In my case, some keys stopped working. After opening the casing and cleaning the key pad, it worked again.
    Open your S25 only if you have no guarantee for it any more, and if you are a "techie" kind of a person. This is NOT a simple job. Don't blame me if you ruin your phone. Read the disclaimer below.
    I used to have several links to instructions on how to open this phone. Unfortunately, these pages all have disappeared from the net. Try your luck with Google ...
  • Power Consumption of a Psion S5 classic 8MB with CF
    Stromverbrauch eines Psion S5 classic 8MB mit Compact Flash Karte
    Interestingly, this measurement has been used by IBM scientists on research for: Energy trade-offs in the IBM Wristwatch computer. This research article was in use in a course for advanced computer archictecture at Harvard (fall 2003, Dec 8).
  • The Art and Skill of RADIO TELEGRAPHY as ZIP-file, 272kB
    from William Pierpont as a TomeRaider file, converted by UH.
    A great book on how to learn the art of CW Radio Telegraphy, and about it's history.
    Bill's book is presented in the DOS CW program "The Mill" as a gift to the reader from him. He has a policy that his book can be freely printed or reproduced, provided that it is done on a no profit basis. His objective is to get the information contained in the book to the maximum possible number of people who are interested in telegraphy.
    Downloads: [off] (since 6.2.03)


Information on this web site is provided "as is" without warranty of any kind, either expressed or implied, including, but not limited to, the implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, or non-infringement. Some jurisdictions do not allow the exclusion of implied warranties, so the above exclusion may not apply to you.
In no event shall the author or uh-lab.de be liable for any damages whatsoever, and in particular the author or uh-lab.de shall not be liable for special, consequential, indirect, or incidental damages, or damages for loss of revenue, lost profits, or loss of use, arising out of or related to this web site or the information contained in it, whether such damages arise in negligence, contract, tort, under statute, in equity, at law or otherwise.
Information on this web site may contain typographical errors or technical inaccuracies. Information may be changed or updated without notice. The author or uh-lab.de may also make improvements and/or changes in the programs at any time without notice. The author or uh-lab.de takes absolutely no responsibility for any errors on the site, you use the information and the programs entirely on your own risk.

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